Clothing, Waterproofs, Hiking Equipment


24-26, The Mall, Luton LU1 2TD, UK – 01582 458269

Even sale prices are expensive

Great shop


Larkspur Gardens, Luton LU4 8SA, UK

Tu Clothing

34 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU1 1DY, UK – 01582 422662

Camping Equipment, Tents,

Luton Army & Navy Surplus

46 New Bedford Rd, Luton LU1 1SQ, UK – 01582 425850

Very friendly shopkeeper I bought handcuff holder works perfectly and again very good but small store with alot of stuff good job shopkeeper very good prices too

Been there a few times over the years, they're sound as a pound and always happy to help.


Luton Retail Park, Kimpton Rd, Luton LU2 0SX, UK – 01582 422525

Has some really helpful staff and some rude staff. I asked Ryan, who works on front desk, about car speakers because I don't know anything about them and needed some help. When I asked him which ones he recommends for my needs he kept saying it was my choice. I know it was my choice but I don't know anything about them so was asking for help. He then said the middle range ones and said it has a matching sub. It really doesn't need to match, it needs to be good. I came back to speak to the car electronics guy, Barry, who was so helpful and told me everything I needed to know. He gave me really useful advice and I can't thank him enough. I just wish Ryan had admitted to not knowing about speakers in the first place and got Barry to speak to me instead of pretending to know about speakers and just being rude to me. He just seemed to not care.

overpriced but all in one place, need mechanic for my bike but lack of knowledge of staff convince me to buy just parts

Lidl Luton

Francis St, Luton LU1 1HU, UK – 0800 977 7766

This store was knocked down and rebuilt within the last couple of years, it was rebuilt larger and now has public toilets, self sevice checkouts and also unlike other lidl stores I have been too when using serviced checkouts you no longer have to load into your trolley to bag at the shelf, they have the old style split packing area so you are not rushed anymore. The aisles are wide and airy, most goods are of a comparable price or cheaper than most other stores. And you still get new deals on non food items twice a week. There is also a good sized car park that is even and wheelchair friendly and has wheelchair bays near the shop entrance. Although the car park if free there is a time limit at which time you would get a fee in the post.

Very good supermarket. Large selection of food. And good price. Selfcheckout makes payment much easier with less waiting times